[Ape] APE leaving SQL transactions open

Paolo Bizzarri p.bizzarri at icube.it
Thu Aug 12 07:51:30 EDT 2004

Hi all.

Sorry for the cross-posting between this and zope-dev: we discovered ape 
mailing list after sent the first message.

We're making our first experiments with APE. The environment is Zope 2.7.1 on 
Linux. We're using APE 0.8.1.

A problem we encountered is that APE leaves the final db transaction neither 
commited nor aborted, in the normal behaviour.

I mean, this is what is going on here:

1) I create a new object under the /sql folder
2) all the required SQL transaction is done, and data is commited on the DB
3) a new SQL transaction begins (corresponding to the new zope transaction) 
for the new page

but this last SQL transaction is never closed.

The short story is that you can see the (in)famous "idle in transaction" 
message on a ps axf on the box

Since we had very bad experience with the "idle in transaction" in the past, 
we would like to know if this is a known behaviour, if it is safe, and why.

Thank you all.


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