[Ape] Ape and MySQL

Kapil Thangavelu hazmat at objectrealms.net
Tue Aug 24 04:22:16 EDT 2004

i would patch Ape/lib/apelib/sql/mysql.py  to override define_table
and return a custom subclass of Ape/lib/apelib/sql/table.py which does 
the right mysql thingy for the create method

alternatively set your default mysql table type to innodb


Trung Tran wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm experimenting Ape 1.0 with MySQL 4.0.18 (with innodb storage engine
> enabled) + latest MySQLdb. What I have noticed was that all tables Ape
> created in MySQL are of MyISAM type which is non-transactional. As a result
> of that all transactions within /sql mount point are non-transactional.
> Having checked SQL DDL sending to MySQL when Ape trying to create new
> tables, they do not have TYPE=INNODB included and that's why all tables are
> of MyISAM type (by default).
> Could anyone tell me how to force Ape to create transactional tables in
> MySQL. Any help is greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Trung Tran
> Analyst Programmer
> Development Team, IT
> Henry Walker Eltin
> Email: trung.tran at hwe.com.au
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