[Ape] Ape and MySQL

Shane Hathaway shane at hathawaymix.org
Wed Aug 25 02:09:24 EDT 2004

> Trung Tran wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I'm experimenting Ape 1.0 with MySQL 4.0.18 (with innodb storage engine
> > enabled) + latest MySQLdb. What I have noticed was that all tables Ape
> > created in MySQL are of MyISAM type which is non-transactional. As a
> > result of that all transactions within /sql mount point are
> > non-transactional. Having checked SQL DDL sending to MySQL when Ape
> > trying to create new tables, they do not have TYPE=INNODB included and
> > that's why all tables are of MyISAM type (by default).
> > Could anyone tell me how to force Ape to create transactional tables in
> > MySQL. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I'd also like to know how. :-)  We can certainly add ENGINE=INNODB (the new 
spelling) to the MySQL statements, but if MySQL doesn't feel in the mood to 
obey (if InnoDB isn't installed or it's disabled), it silently creates MyISAM 
tables instead.  I'd really like a way to tell MySQL to fail rather than 
create non-transactional tables.  This caused me pain last week.


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