[Ape] .svn files causing problems

Kelly McDonald w4kpm at adelphia.net
Tue Oct 26 08:46:57 EDT 2004


I'm trying to use APE with subversion, but the .svn directories are
causing problems upon startup. 

line 270, in write_directory
    raise FSWriteError(
apelib.fs.interfaces.FSWriteError: Not a legal object name: ''

I remove all .svn directories and it starts up with no problems.

I've looked through docs & searched for some way to provide an 'ignore
list' - is there any way to tell ape to filter out these files so that I
can run svn and keep APE happy? - or is there some way to set up a
'null' mapper?


Kelly McDonald <w4kpm at adelphia.net>

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