[Ape] Mysteriously appearing and disappearing Zope products

Joe Slag jslag at boston.com
Thu Mar 17 18:31:00 EST 2005

I'm seeing some odd behavior when mounting an APE storage to / (using 
the example configuration in component.xml): sometimes not all of the 
zope products get loaded. The behavior seems to be random - I can visit 
Control_Panel/Products/manage_main and see the full list that I'm 
expecting, then run zopectl restart and only see 4-10, then restart 
again and the full list is back. There's nothing in the event or error 
logs. This only seems to happen when the APE storage is mounted to /; if 
I mount it to /something, or don't have an APE storage mounted at all, 
the problem doesn't occur.

my configuration: zope 2.7.4, python 2.3.4, postgres 8.0, psycopg 
1.99.13, on linux.

Has anybody else run into this sort of thing?

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