[BlueBream] Helping with the 2-part tutorial

Justin A Ryan jryan at fastergreener.net
Mon Apr 26 01:51:43 EDT 2010


On IRC today someone [astoon] told me that the 2-part tutorial for BlueBream
is a core z3/ztk tutorial.  I would like to help with some concerns I ran
into with this tutorial, as I am building a PBX / VoIP SoftSwitch IaaS
Manager this weekend / coming week.

For instance, the tutorial pasters out a 'ticketcollector' package with 'tc'
namespace and default 'main' packagename, then pretty much goes on to work
with code in src/tc/collector.  From the zipped demo it is clear, but there
are clearly holes in the tutorial.  As I feel I can see what is missing, of
course, I'm very happy to help.

I talked with Baiju as well and just wanted to say hello on the ML and note
that I am also happy to help with wiki gardening and proofreading / editing.

I hope noone is foolish enough to feel this is really bragging, but I
co-authored a variation of the best-selling "Linux for Dummies" when I
worked for TurboLinux.  I also worked on some Linux Admin courses and in
high school worked from Texas with a buddy in SV on a Linux Guide.  So,
while poorly compensated, I have some professional technical writing
experience.  I find, in fact, the BlueBream [Zope?] document on writing to
be very relevant and informed and helpful as I've taken several English Comp
courses in past years and been unstimulated.  Creative Writing I believe is
explicitly inapplicable to the style the multilingual Zope community
demands. :)

All the [then] IDG folks told me was to read Windows for Dummies and AOL for
Dummies and take screenshots to show how TL was different from Red Hat circa
1998. :-P

In best possible spirit,

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