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Sebastien Douche sdouche at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 03:56:04 EST 2011

congrats for the 1.0 release!

In my company, we uses intensively 1/ Buildout, 2/ internal services
(PyPI for our packages, mirror of PyPI, etc) and 3/ KGS (one for
Zope3, one for our packages and one for Vendor). The KGS Website for
Zope3.4[1] have many advantages :

- good looking
- easy to create a mirror[2]
- it generate the index[3]
- it generate the links[4]
- it generate the versions.cfg[5]
- it generate a buildout file[6]

To generate a website, you only need a controlled-package.cfg[7].
Please find enclosed the files for ZTK and ZopeApp[8]

With the new websites, I can make this :

index = http://pypi.rd.securactive.lan/
find-links = http://release.rd.securactive.lan/zopeapp/1.0.1/links.html

Index point out our packages, find-links on BlueBream + vendor packages.

|1] http://download.zope.org/zope3.4/
[2] with zope.kgs
[3] http://download.zope.org/zope3.4/3.4.1/index
[4] http://download.zope.org/zope3.4/3.4.1/links.html
[5] http://download.zope.org/zope3.4/3.4.1/versions.cfg
[6] http://download.zope.org/zope3.4/3.4.1/buildout.cfg
[7] http://download.zope.org/zope3.4/3.4.1/controlled-packages.cfg
[8] vim regexp: %s/^\(.*\) = \(.*\)$/[\1]^Mversions = \2/

Sebastien Douche <sdouche at gmail.com>
Twitter: @sdouche (agile, lean, python, git, open source)
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