[BlueBream] Reg. persisting data in ZODB via forms

Joshua Immanuel josh at hipro.co.in
Thu Jun 9 01:23:31 EDT 2011

Hello Jonah,

Thanks for the reply.

On Wed, 2011-06-08 at 09:53 -0700, Jonah Crawford wrote:
> Joshua - persistence in zope occurs based on assignment of values. You
> have to explicitly assign the values your form collects to the object
> you're persisting. That object then gets pickled to the ZODB as long
> as there's an assignment to an object in the ZODB. Events have nothing
> to do with it.
> Post some code examples if this isn't helpful enough.

I was trying to add a non persistent object to the BTreeContainer. I was
of the notion that I don't need to make my object persistent explicitly,
as I am adding it to the persistent btree container. The add operation
was successful but the modify operation on my object failed to persist.
Making my object persistent solved the issue.

Joshua Immanuel
HiPro IT Solutions Private Limited
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