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Le Fri, 06 Apr 2012 11:28:34 -0400 (CDT),
  Camilo <cesarcamilo.cr at fecrd.cujae.edu.cu> a écrit:

> Hi, im new on this project so any help will be appreciative
> i´m trying to migrate a project based on th aplication server zope3
> to the bluebream project, but i can find anyone who has been
> completed yet..any sugesstions to do this???

I think it really depends on what Zope3 release you are using.

If you are using a Zope 3.3 or 3.4 release, the main work is
probably based on migrating to new ZTK packages (See, for example, this
page: http://docs.zope.org/zopetoolkit/releases/overview-1.0.6.html ;
but I can't find the documentation relative to migrating from Zope-3.3
to Zope-3.4...).
I've migrated several packages and applications from Zope-3.4 to
last ZTK-1.1.4 without any big problem.

Migrating from an older release of Zope 3 can probably be a harder

But keep in mind also that BlueBream is actually outdated compared to
last ZTK release.

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