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Christopher Lozinski lozinski at freerecruiting.com
Fri May 11 20:33:20 UTC 2012

On 5/11/12 7:00 AM, David Ally  wrote:
> What would be your advice for someone deciding to learn web programming new
> tool? 
There is a huge stack to be learned if you want to be a web developer.

 1. HTML
 2. CSS
 3. Javascript
 4. Python
 5. ZCA
 6. ZTK Schemas
 7. Zope 2/Plone Security Vs ZTK Security
 8. Unix System Admin
 9. Apache
10. Templating Languages. Page Templates, DTML, Jinja 2, Mako.
11. Tools, SSH, Editors,
12. Backup Techniques.
13. Acquisition
14. Wikis
15. Content Management
16. Object Modelling
17. Object Database/ZODB

How is that for a start?   Best thing is to learn these technologies one
at time, using the appropriate courseware materials.  Plus you need to
know why you do not want to be using other technologies, PHP, Windows, etc.

> Would you recommend Bluebream? And if not, why?

BlueBream is for those who are putting up custom application servers. 
If you are putting up static html, or a wiki, or a mailing list, there
are better shrink wrapped packages available.  If you are doing an
application server, the question is not if you should use BlueBream or
not, the question is whether you should use BlueBream or some other
specific application server.  There are many to choose from. 

If you are building a custom application server, then best to do it in
python.  You can google for the list of python web application servers. 
Good to build it on an open source object-oriented database.  There are
a couple of those in the python world, but ZODB has the largest
installed base.  No other python object database has grabbed my
attention.  So that brings the choice down to Pyramid, and BlueBream. 
Pyramid is stripped down.   BlueBream is a richer framework.  It has the
ZTK schema classes in it, integrated with security, you get intelligent
CRUD for free.  I like that.  Also, I like the BlueBream traversal
model, over the pyramid optional approaches.   So I choose BlueBream.

If you are doing simple content management, then ZTFY looks like a good
place to start.  The author's customer service is just brilliant.  
Plone, IMHO,  is just too tangled to be able to understand or modify

Are there any other alternatives to BlueBream you are considering that I
missed?  I think this mailing list would benefit from a discussion
comparing BlueBream to its competitors.   Perhaps start a new thread on
any that interest you.

Learning any particular web technology is easy, the hardest part is
navigating the technologies, and choosing which ones are right for you. 
Make those decisions correctly, and the rest is easy.  Make them wrong,
and you live with the decisions for a long time.

I hope that helps you figure out which way to go.  Writing certainly
helps me clear up my thinking on these issues. 

Christopher Lozinski

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