[BlueBream] DTML partially works with BlueBream

Christopher Lozinski lozinski at freerecruiting.com
Sun May 13 17:01:59 UTC 2012

Topics covered

 1. Partially working DTML,
 2. a question about where to find menus defined, 
 3. I note that dtml-var totally breaks down,
 4. a question about other bluebream templating languages,and
 5. general comments about paths that did not work.

Here is the zope hello world application.

Really easy to do.  Just click on the create a DTMLPage link,

Type in Hello World, and give it a page name, and you are done.  Zope is
so easy at this level.  That is why I love it.

I am even able to edit it.

But life is not so simple.   There is no edit link.  In order to get it
running, I had to remove



      label="Edit a DTML page"

And the preview menu item declaration had the same problem.   Here is
the error message with menu included.

    ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'menu', "ImportError:
Couldn't import zmi_views, No module named zmi_views")

The menus must be called something else now. 

I took a look at the docs here.


It defined the menu field of the directive.

So what should I be calling the menu if not 'zmi_views' ?  I can dig
around and find it, but I am not quite sure where to look.  I looked in

and in ztfy.zmi/configure.zcml

no mention of any menu item names there.  Where are these things
defined?  Where do I look for the menus names?  Or what menu name should
I be using?

And then when I tried to use dtml-var

as in

Hello Again

<dtml-var DTMLPage>

The whole thing blew up.  You can see the error message here.

Maybe DTML is just dead.  I do not like page templates either.  I wonder
if there is a different page templating language for bluebream that works.

I thought people would be curious how progress is going.  Yesterday I
spent a very frustrating day trying to get ZAM running with ZTFY
BlueBream.  Way too painful.  good to start with something simple. 
BlueBream is an enormous library of code, with lots of complicated
models.  I mostly get it, but it is like trying to build a house on an
iceberg.  One false move, the whole thing tips over.  It needs a simpler
interface.  I am getting there. small step at a time.

Christopher Lozinski

Check out my iPhone apps TextFaster and EmailFaster

Expect a paradigm shift.

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