[BlueBream] Progress Report

Christopher Lozinski lozinski at freerecruiting.com
Fri Feb 1 14:49:48 UTC 2013

Thank you so much for the comments Thierry , not sure what I would do
without you.  It is great to know that there is life out there!

On 2/1/13 7:00 AM, bluebream-request at zope.org wrote:
> Last ZTFY release (through ZTFY.webapp package) is based on ZTK-1.1.5,
> which is the last published "known good set".

Thank you for that critical information.  So then ZTFY is the best
starting point!


It has the ZMI, which is good enough for me to start with.   Even if I
am not using ZTFY itself. 

As for complexity, I guess Thierry and I disagree on this point.  But
let me state my case clearly for the record.   Just take a look at what
it takes to install
one additional package.  My problem description previously given.    And
remember it was not working, so in order to debug the problem,
I need to understand all the following tools, and what they do. 

easy install  I like that one.

python bootstrap.py  okay, this one is simple.

emacs buildout.cfg To add in the new package.  Meaning I have to know
the package libraries that I want and their names.
And there are a million packages out there.  I do not get a short list
of approved packages to choose from.


etc/configure.zcml  meaning zcml  That is the hardest one.  In fact
knowing to edit configure.zcml requires a huge body of knowlege about
ztk and how stuff is done. 

And that is just to install this stuff, not even develop on it.  And if
it does not work, one has to understand many things to figure out the

Ideally I would like to type one or two unix commands, then use a web
browser to select
any additional packages I want to install.  And have a short list of
recommended packages that work!

As for ZTFY not being a through the web development environment.  That
is true.  Actually I am not even using ZTFY,
just the ZMI that comes with it.    I do not have to add much to it, to
make a pretty good simple TTW development environment.
Just dtml, python scripts, and acquisition, and I will be a very happy
man.   Now if we could get a pretty zmi replacement working that would
be awesome!

Now I understand people do not like to leave their code in the ZODB. 
Actually for single developer, single site projects, it works just
fine.  I do hear and understand your concerns on this
matter. One of my long term goals is to put a source code control system
on ZODB, then it would be easy to share the code across systems, but one
thing at a time.


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