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- Thanks to Ulrich Eck (ueck@net-labs.de), you can now set variables
  on states and transitions.  Great job!

- Changed expressions to TALES.

- Added a second default workflow consisting of the "classic" default.

=== CMF/DCWorkflow/doc/basics.stx 1.1 => 1.2 ===
 Finally, you can extend the workflow with scripts.  Scripts can be
 External Methods, Python Scripts, DTML methods, or any other callable
-Zope object.  They are accessible by name in expressions.
+Zope object.  They are accessible by name in expressions.  Scripts
+are invoked with a state_change object as the first argument; see

=== CMF/DCWorkflow/doc/expressions.stx 1.3 => 1.4 ===
-Expressions in DCWorkflow use the same convention as DTML expressions.
-The underscore character provides access to certain Python modules and
-builtins.  In addition to what is provided by DTML expressions, the
-following names are also available.
+Starting with version 0.3, expressions in DCWorkflow are TALES expressions.
+Some of the contexts have slightly different meanings from what is provided
+for expressions in page templates:
-- All scripts defined using the 'Scripts' tab.
+here             The content object
+container        The content object's container
+Several other contexts are also provided:
+state_change     A special object containing info about the state change
+transition       The transition object being executed
+status           The former status
+workflow         The workflow definition object
+scripts          The scripts in the workflow definition object
+state_change objects provide the following attributes:
+- 'status' is a mapping containing the workflow status.
 - 'object' is the object being modified by workflow.
 - 'workflow' is the workflow definition object.
-- 'transition' is the ID of the transition being executed.
+- 'transition' is the transition object being executed.
+- 'old_state' is the former state object.
-- 'new_state' is the ID of the destination state of the transition.
+- 'new_state' is the destination state object.
 - 'kwargs' is the keyword arguments passed to the doActionFor() method.
-- 'getHistory()', a function that returns a copy of the object's workflow
+- 'getHistory()', a method that returns a copy of the object's workflow
 - 'getPortal()', which returns the root of the portal.
-- 'getObjectContainer()', which returns the container of the object.
 - 'ObjectDeleted' and 'ObjectMoved', exceptions that can be raised by
   scripts to indicate to the workflow that an object has been moved or
-- All status variables, including the current state.
+- 'getDateTime' is a method that returns the DateTime of the transition.