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Wed, 16 Jan 2002 15:05:21 -0500

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*Noted possible issue with additions to the ActionsTool default
actions_provider list.

=== CMF/ISSUES.txt => ===
+  Issue:  Modified Action Providers not showing in upgrade to CMF 1.2
+    When migrating a site to CMF 1.2, the new modifications to the ActionsTool
+    action_providers is not showing up in the migrated instance.  If you have
+    registered or removed action providers with the actions tool, you will not
+    get the new changes made to the action_providers list in a CMF 1.2
+    upgrade.
+    Workaround
+      1.  Delete portal_actions in the root of your CMF instance.
+      2.  Add CMF Core Tool - Actions Tool
+      3.  Reapply your actions provider changes.
   Issue:  'CMFDecor'-based skins lost in upgrade to CMF 1.2
     When migrating a site to 1.2 from CMF, where the skin directories