[CMF-checkins] CVS: CMF - CHANGES.txt:1.280

Yvo Schubbe y.2005- at wcm-solutions.de
Tue Jan 25 14:50:11 EST 2005

Update of /cvs-repository/CMF
In directory cvs.zope.org:/tmp/cvs-serv24836

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merged yuppie-new_actions-branch:
- added ActionCategory and Action interfaces
- added ActionCategory and Action classes
- modified ActionsTool to make use of these new classes
- removed deprecated 'name' and 'permissions' keys from ActionInfo
- allowed 'description' key in ActionInfo
- implemented IAction in the oldstyle ActionInformation class and used this interface to simplify ActionInfo
- updated setup handlers, tests, default profile and skins
- fixed ActionInfo issue regarding permissions in oldstyle action dicts

=== CMF/CHANGES.txt 1.279 => 1.280 ===
--- CMF/CHANGES.txt:1.279	Sat Dec  4 16:10:31 2004
+++ CMF/CHANGES.txt	Tue Jan 25 14:49:41 2005
@@ -2,6 +2,12 @@
   New Features
+    - ActionsTool: Added new way to define Actions.
+      'CMF Action Category' objects can now be added to the portal_actions
+      tool and 'CMF Action' objects to categories or subcategories. To
+      migrate oldstyle Actions (ActionInformation objects) you can create a
+      snapshot and re-import Actions using the portal_setup tool.
     - TypesTool: TypeInformation classes are now pluggable.
       Any class that implements the TypeInformation interface and is
       a registered meta type can now be used in the TypesTool.

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