[CMF-checkins] Nikolai Lyustiger, Company Guarantees to End Computer Crashes for Small-Medium Businesses

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Nikolai Lyustiger, Company Guarantees to End Computer Crashes for Small-Medium Businesses

  San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 5, 2007 -- Bay area technology company ServerPlex (http://www.serverplex.com) announces the introduction of SP Managed Services, a 24x7 support service for computer networks guaranteed to keep them running. 
 Customers of ServerPlex SP Managed Services have their computers continually monitored for viruses, spyware, security problems and a wide variety of technical problems. Once any problem is found, ServerPlex technicians are immediately alerted and fix the problem before it slows down or stops business. Critical problems can be treated by technicians within one hour -- day or night.
 Preventive maintenance is also included, covering data backups and offsite storage, anti-virus updates, firewall management, regular updates of important security software and other services necessary to improve productivity and avoid computer disasters. Customers are offered a 100% money-back guarantee that their networks will never crash due to network software problems.
 The new service offers a lifeline to companies that could be devastated by crashes or slowdowns of their computer systems. Recent studies show that system downtime, lost productivity and repairs cost an average business 3.6% of revenue each year. A study by the Gartner Group reveals that the productivity benefits of managed services can cut computing costs by up to 37%.
 One of ServerPlex's customers, a large Sprint PCS dealership in the Bay Area, calculates its savings at $20,000 per year. Another customer, Bank Motor Sales of San Jose, sees more than just financial benefit. "ServerPlex has always responded to problems and concerns quickly. They now manage our whole helpdesk and their customer service is excellent," says CEO, Wisal Ameen.
 ServerPlex SP Managed Services is available by monthly subscription in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is customized to fit the exact needs and budget of each client. For additional information contact: Robert Marhamat, (877) 890 4357, sales @ serverplex.com or go to http://www.ServerPlex.com.
 About ServerPlex
 ServerPlex Onsite technical services are available 24 hours a day, and a telephone support service is also offered. One hour service is also offered, to serve clients' immediate needs. ServerPlex Networks was founded in 2000. The company operates two sales offices in the United States, with technical support available 24 hours a day. For more information please visit 
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