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Sun May 14 15:26:48 EDT 2006

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Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
> On 12 May 2006, at 21:51, Jim Fulton wrote:
>>> The Foundation was created legally some time ago.  We need to get a
>>> board elected so we can start making decisions.  One of the first
>>> steps is to get committer members.  I wanted to get this started a
>>> couple of months ago, but, at the last minute, I read the committer
>>> agreement for the first time and saw some issues that we needed to
>>> address.  Sigh.
>>> Anyway, we have a committer agreement at:
>>>   http://www.zope.org/DevHome/Foundation/
>>> ZopeFoundation_Committer_Agreement_v6.pdf
> Doesn't look draconian, good ;)
>>> My intention is to invite the 67 people who committed to the source
>>> code repositories between January 1, 2005 and May 11, 2006 to become a
>>> committer.  I'll be sending invitations using zope.org email  addresses,
>>> so if you expect an invitation, you might want to double check that
>>> your email address is up to date.
>>> I've attached a draft invitation letter.  I'd like to send invitations
>>> this coming Monday.
> This whole thing has obviously taken rather long, and it's good that 
> we're getting started. Thanks for doing this first membership-
> constituting step.
>>> I guess we should decide soon when to hold the first board election.
> I would go ahead and suggest a date maybe a month in the future from 
> your initial invitation email. IMHO that is enough time for everyone  to
> read 2.5 pages and get it back to the foundation, even by snail mail.
> For fairness' sake, there could be a short comment period (maybe 1 
> week) for the election date, in case voters come up with a valid  reason
> to change it.

We've already been through a fairly long comment-revision cycle with the
documents:  see the oldest messages in this list's archives, for instance:


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