[ZF] Announcement: 2011 Zope Foundation Board Elections and General Meeting

Jeff Rush jeff at taupro.com
Fri Feb 18 04:07:05 EST 2011

On 02/16/2011 07:18 PM, Jan Smith wrote:
> On 3 February 2011 17:11, Jeff Rush <jeff at taupro.com
> <mailto:jeff at taupro.com>> wrote:
>     For the record I accept the nomination and hope to get involved to
>     promote Zope more actively.  I had already privately planned prior to
>     nomination to host three OpenSpace guided-discussion sessions at PyCon
>     this year in Atlanta.  Topics would be:
>      - Finding Your Way Around the Zope Community
>      - A Tour of the Zope Internal Subsystems
>      - Five Cool Zope Technologies You Can Use -Outside- of Zope2
> This is fantastic, it is exactly what the community needs.  Will there
> papers or video available for people unable to attend PyCon in Atlanta?

To guide discussion I'll be preparing outlines/notes and then afterward
I have plans to turn them into whitepapers + screencast slideshows.
There aren't any cameras allocated for openspaces at PyCon so no video,
but we'll take note of suggestions and ideas and fold it into some kind
of result.

I'll probably host it on my own website unless I can figure out the
appropriate Zope community site and get access for me to do updates.  We
seem to have a flurry of microsites so I'm unclear on the best hosting

>From the ZF minutes I've read, isn't the current thinking of the
foundation to make one of the Zope sites the "central index" (i.e.
www.zope.org?) and link to the various microsites?  I'm unclear on how
quality and content is coordinated though.

Here are my initial rough outlines:



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