[ZF] Special Meeting of the Zope Software Foundation

Wilkes, Matthew matthew at matthewwilkes.co.uk
Sat Nov 24 22:34:31 CET 2018

Dear members of the Zope Software Foundation,

I am writing to inform you that a special meeting of the Zope Software
Foundation has been called by a group of its members. The purpose of this
meeting is to consider a proposal to dissolve the Zope Software Foundation
and pass the task of supporting the Zope community to the Plone Foundation.

The meeting shall be held on Wednesday, 5th December 2018 on IRC at
#zope-foundation at 15:00 UTC [1] (that being the time of the previous two
annual meetings).

Thanks, I hope to see you there.


[1] - https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?p0=1440&iso=20181205T15
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