[Grok-dev] addressbook ldap dependency

Christian Theune ct at gocept.com
Fri Oct 20 04:58:45 EDT 2006


Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Hi there,
> Cool that there is an addressbook application now, but unfortunately I'm
> incapable of using it so I can't see what it does. Right now it appears
> to be impossible for anyone outside of Gocept to properly use the
> addressbook application, as it depends on the gocept LDAP server. People
> who don't read the README.txt initially (I didn't) will just go to the
> addressbook app in the ZMI and then have Zope just hang.

Ah. I scrambled the passwords but I forgot to remove the IP address.

> This suggests to me that the addressbook application as it stands should
> not be a demo application of grok. That is, it should not be within the
> grok SVN package. It can be a test-bed application specific to Gocept
> but it can't be a general test-bed application.
> To have 1 out of 2 applications inside of grok to be effectively
> untestable by anyone playing with grok is just bad. You could move it
> into its own package (with some adjustments and an svn:external pointing
> to grok you can make the buildout work too), or make it completely
> independent of ldap.

Hmm. True. OTOH I think it's valuable to see how grok looks like when
connecting to external data sources. Maybe I can set up an anonymous
LDAP server that we allow people to connect to? (And that we clean up
like every night?)


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