[Grok-dev] addressbook ldap dependency

Martijn Faassen faassen at infrae.com
Fri Oct 20 05:35:30 EDT 2006


Christian Theune wrote:
> Hmm. True. OTOH I think it's valuable to see how grok looks like when
> connecting to external data sources. Maybe I can set up an anonymous
> LDAP server that we allow people to connect to? (And that we clean up
> like every night?)

I agree it's valuable as a test-bed application. It's just not valuable 
as a general test-bed application maintained directly along with grok at 
this point.

I guess you could set up an anonymous LDAP server, but for how long? In 
general, I think it's fine to ask people to run an LDAP server if they 
want to test this application, it's just that people will generally be 
running this application to see about Grok right now, not about the 
application itself.



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