[Grok-dev] addressbook ldap dependency

Martijn Faassen faassen at infrae.com
Fri Oct 20 06:03:18 EDT 2006

Christian Theune wrote:
> Jo,
> Martijn Faassen wrote:
>> I guess you could set up an anonymous LDAP server, but for how
>> long? In general, I think it's fine to ask people to run an LDAP
>> server if they want to test this application, it's just that people
>> will generally be running this application to see about Grok right
>> now, not about the application itself.
> I'm not sure what that last sentence means.

People who run this application will be either:

* people who want to run and see a demo Grok application

* people like me, who want to think about what else Grok could be doing
for the application.

> I think we agree that it's valuable as an application which
> demonstrates (proper) usage of grok, even if it can't be run directly
> because of the dependency?


> Of course, I can move the package to a different (public) place ...

My feedback just comes from the following sequence:

* hey, Theune made an address book application



* hey, the readme talks about ldap, and I see it tries to talk to LDAP 
in the source

I don't want others to hit the first three stages when they just try 
grok. What if they pick addressbook first, and not grokwiki, say?

Eventually this will be less of a problem as we'll have more grok-based 
applications and the chances that someone innocently tries the 
'addressbook' package and has it fail are reduced.

Moving it out into 'grokapps' or something might help. Thinking about 
it, I figure the best fix might be calling it 'ldapaddressbook' instead, 
so at least I have expectations I need to do something with LDAP.



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