[Grok-dev] Re: Me Grok Play Chess!

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Mon Apr 16 09:40:45 EDT 2007

Hey Maurits!

Maurits van Rees wrote:
> Grok already had a club to hunt mammoths with.  Now he also has a
> chess club! ;-)
> You can see a demo game here:
> http://chess.vanrees.org:15080/game

Very cool!

> No thought has been put into dealing with multiple users.  Anyone can
> click the 'Start again' button anytime, just when you are unfolding
> that masterful end game.  So I would not use this site for serious
> games.
> The code is here:
> https://svn.vanrees.org/svn/opensource/grokchess/trunk

A comment that I haven't seen yet is that you've added an explicit 
addMenuItem to the configure.zcml. This should not be needed anymore, as 
ChessMinder is a grok.Application. It should appear automatically in the 
installation screen.



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