[Grok-dev] Proposal: IGrokDefaultBrowserLayer

Kevin Smith kevin at mcweekly.com
Mon Apr 16 12:33:50 EDT 2007

One hitch to implementing skins and layer is that static/ is hard coded 
to IDefaultBrowserLayer.  I would like to propose IGrokDefaultBrowser 
layer to override IDefaultBrowserLayer as the default skin.

To be used like ...

class StaticLayer(grok.Layer):
    pass # this is what static/ is bound to

class GrokLayer(grok.Layer):
    pass # all other grok views go here

class IGrokDefaultBrowserLayer(StaticLayer, GrokLayer):
    pass # combined skin definition

* Allows seperation of static/ directory, useful for custom skinning

* Eliminates the Rotterdam ZMI , which has been mentioned previously on 
the list

* Worksaround the @@contents bug (I think)

* Avoids creation of additional module level directives like grok.static 
(I suppose this would really need to be package level)


Kevin Smith

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