[Grok-dev] Re: grok in the egg universe

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Mon Apr 16 12:51:04 EDT 2007


Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
>> I'd still propose grokcore to be a namespace package. For testing 
>> purposes I'd really like a grokcore.component that only dealt with the 
>> core component architecture and didn't need to import anything from, 
>> say, formlib, or zope.app.
>> This is in fact the concrete use case that drove this thinking. Having 
>> grokcore.component will help us with compatibility. If I release a new 
>> Zope 3 component that grokked its adapters (and only that), people 
>> would be much more likely to start using it if it didn't pull in the 
>> whole of, say, zope.app. Such a component would be functionally 
>> equivalent to a Zope 3 package with the equivalent ZCML.
> Ok, as long as
> * the 'grok' package makes all that default stuff available

> * the documentation doesn't confuse users with a gazillion different
>   packages with slightly different naming. What I'm trying to say is
>   that the docs should also *advise* importing things from 'grok'.

> I guess I'm preaching to the choir here anyway... :)

Yup, I agree completely. It's good to state it clearly.

grokcore.* packages are for advanced usage only. It's good development 
practice to factor things out into multiple packages. That's what this 
proposal is about: it has benefits.

It's *also* good development practice to offer a simple easy API to do 
the common stuff. The latter is what Grok is trying to add to Zope 3, so 
we shouldn't throw that out. :)

>>>> While I'm sure we want to do this soon, we don't want to break 
>>>> everything now.
>>> The first step we could do is make Grok depend on the Zope eggs and 
>>> see how that works. As far as breaking things is concerned, you 
>>> mentioned that the grok package would still provide a common imports 
>>> for stuff from grokcore, so even here the breakage would be limited...
>> Yes, but we can't do it with the trunk,
> Not sure what you mean here.

I just mean we should do this on the branch until this method is mature 
enough. That may indeed be very soon as you say below.

>> and the ability to run the whole Zope server from eggs is very new
>> right now.
> True, but if it works... :)

Agreed. I would have no objection to move Grok over into the New Eggy 
World as soon as possible.



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