[Grok-dev] skipping modules during grokking process

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Tue Apr 24 16:58:44 EDT 2007

Hi there,

We need to be able to control the grokking process a bit better. Certain 
modules contain code that should only be loaded for testing purposes for 
instance. These modules should be skipped during the normal grokking 
process, but loaded when we test the package.

We might be able to do accomplish this with a grok.testfixture() 
directive on module-level. If this directive is present, the module will 
be skipped by Grok during the normal grokking process. If the grokking 
process is happening in a special testing mode, it will not be skipped.

Perhaps some generalization of this system is possible, though I'm not 
sure whether that's desirable at this stage. Do we have other use cases 
for skipping modules besides testing? Perhaps it occurs when we have 
multiple testing layers?

Incidentally, I tried to post this to the blueprint section on 
launchpad. For longer descriptions we should be using a wiki page. I 
understand launchpad itself does not offer such a wiki. Do we have a 
wiki area somewhere we can use for grok proposals?



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