[Grok-dev] skipping modules during grokking process

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Tue Apr 24 23:53:50 EDT 2007

> Perhaps some generalization of this system is possible, though I'm  
> not sure whether that's desirable at this stage. Do we have other  
> use cases for skipping modules besides testing? Perhaps it occurs  
> when we have multiple testing layers?

When I edited Grok code over NFS on a Linux server from my Mac OS X  
laptop, the Mac creates ._ files that mirror all of the files I edit.  
For example:


I've worked around this at my work environment with wrapper scripts  
that remove these files before starting Zope otherwise Grok gets  
confused. There is no way to disable this functionality on the Mac.  
It would be great if Grok could just ignore files beginning with ._  
or perhaps just files that begin with ._ that mirror other files of  
the same name, does anyone name python modules starting with ._?

> Incidentally, I tried to post this to the blueprint section on  
> launchpad. For longer descriptions we should be using a wiki page.  
> I understand launchpad itself does not offer such a wiki. Do we  
> have a wiki area somewhere we can use for grok proposals?

Yes, the launchpad blueprint are feels quite spartan. We have the  
stock Plone 2.5.2 install available on g.z.o. We could use that and  
install Wicked if we want Wiki style linking.


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