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Peter Bengtsson peter at fry-it.com
Tue Dec 11 10:32:48 EST 2007

I agree with Sebastian's point that "everybody who can creates a CMS at 
some point".
When we developed FriedCMS here at Fry-IT we kept it really simple by 
just putting together a base class with some simple convenient methods 
for dealing with "documents".

These "documents" are what makes the CMS and they're a separate project 
altogether. A document...

  * is a folder and document at the same time.

  * has content management of its content with and without WYSIWYG

  * has its own undo history

  * has multiple slots of content (because they work with page template 

  * is very independent of other objects but well designed/defined in itself

I personally think this is a much better approach since anybody is free 
to put together the site as they wish but the core component is there.

If no community effort pops up that does this I'll probably attempt to 
myself but this time with Grok.

Sebastian Ware wrote:
> My penny... everybody who can creates a CMS at some point... how about 
> creating a CMS-construction kit where configuration and modifications 
> are done in code. Some components are allready available.
> I have created a bare bones CMS for a couple of projects I am involved 
> in. It is simple and isn't really geared towards website publishing but 
> rather content in general. I'd be happy to let you take a look at it to 
> see if you can use/abuse some of the ideas. However, right now, I can't 
> commit to a project.
> Mvh Sebastian
> 11 dec 2007 kl. 05.11 skrev Matt Bowen:
>> Hi all,
>> For a few weeks now, a few of us have been tossing around (on blogs 
>> and in IRC) the idea of writing a simple CMS in Grok. The goal is to 
>> keep the system simple, focusing on improving usability with 
>> subsequent releases instead of improved functionality. To keep 
>> ourselves honest, we've set out with the goal of providing a migration 
>> path from the CMS to Plone; we figure that that will be so difficult 
>> that it will make us think twice about adding many features.
>> With these few goals in place, I'd like to ask the community for 
>> comments and advice. I've set up a project page on OpenPlans that 
>> details what thinking has been done on the project, and there's an IRC 
>> channel to discuss it if chat's your thing. Any advice is appreciated, 
>> and as things develop, if anyone thinks they'd be interested in 
>> working on such a project (planning, code, docs, design, anything 
>> really), that would be wonderful. This is explicitly an open source 
>> project, and so the code will be licensed under an OSI license (ZPL 
>> 2.1 is my current plan) and in a public repository.
>> Project Page: http://www.openplans.org/projects/concave/
>> IRC (freenode): #concave
>> Thanks for your time,
>> Matt Bowen
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