[Grok-dev] Dynamic Schemas: Best practices?

Lennart Regebro regebro at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 01:21:12 EST 2007

Extending a Zope3 schema sounds complicated and error-prone. And what
do you do if you don't want to extend it, but delete fields?

I would go for having a format of schemas that can be both on disk and
in the ZODB, for example the XML format used by userschema, and let
the software fetch schemas by name in such  a way that schemas defined
on the disk can be overridden by schemas defined in the ZODB, and
schemas defined in the ZODB can be moved to disk.

Exactly how to do that I'm not sure. :-)

I would consider "best practice" when it comes to schemas so far to be
CPSSchemas, which of course isn't based on Zope3 schemas at all but
solves this by always having all schemas in the ZODB. It's not
perfect, but it's best so far. :)

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