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George Wright georgewr at bigpond.net.au
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> George Wright wrote:
>> New to this list.
> Welcome!


>> I installed grok like this within my virtual environment:
>> ~/myvirtualenv $ grokproject Mygrokproject1
>> I missed the opportunity to use   --with-zope3=ZOPE3 so I was a bit
>> annoyed it downloaded a new zope - I was on a slow dial up  
>> connection at
>> the time!
>> I have python 2.4
> Since Grok uses the egg-based distribution of Zope-3. I don't think we
> could've made it to work with a Zope-3 installation-from-a-tarball.
>> But when it began to download a long list of eggs I already had in a
>> parallel zopeproject installation I realised that grokproject had not
>> given me the opportunity to nominate an egg repository as had
>> zopeproject. (I wonder why?)
> Grokproject does ask for a shared egg directory. It defaults to
> ~/buildout-eggs. I wonder what the reason could be this question  
> was not
> asked when running grokproject. What version of grokproject are you
> using? Could update it with something like "easy_install-2.4 -U
> grokproject"? Does that help?
It did help!
I actually had version 0.3 - now have 0.6

Removing grokproject 0.3dev-r73355 from easy-install.pth file
Adding grokproject 0.6 to easy-install.pth file

>> So I was really annoyed that after an hour and a half with all eggs
>> downloaded and installed including this one:
> I understand that. We've been very annoyed too with all the weird and
> unpredicatable version conflicts. We tried to solve that problem  
> and we
> had the impression we nailed it. So thanks for your report, because
> apparently something is not quite right somewhere. I'll have a look..:

>> I then got this message:
>> ...
>> While:
>>   Installing instance.
>> Error: There is a version conflict.
>> We already have: zope.publisher 3.4.2
>> but zope.traversing 3.5.0a2 requires 'zope.publisher>=3.5.0a1.dev- 
>> r78727'.
>> but zope.app.publisher 3.5.0a3 requires
>> 'zope.publisher>=3.5.0a1.dev-r78727'.
>> Traceback (most recent call last):
>>   File
>> "/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/Current/bin/ 
>> grokproject",
>> line 7, in ?
>>     sys.exit(
>>   File
>> "/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.4/lib/python2.4/ 
>> site-packages/grokproject-0.3dev_r73355-py2.4.egg/grokproject/ 
>> __init__.py",
>> line 108, in main
>>     os.environ) == 0
>> AssertionError
>> george-g5:~/myvirtualenv  $
>> I did notice that it used the frameworks python 2.4 rather than  
>> the one
>> behind the virtualenv:
>> Configuring Zope installation
>> Using Python interpreter at
>> /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.4/Resources/ 
>> Python.app/Contents/MacOS/Python
>> So maybe something is not working there?
>> Appreciate any help and comments.
> Ah, now I think I have found the problem: you're using a very old
> version of grokproject. A version that does not yet now of the better
> way of handling the dependecy versions. As I suggested above, try to
> update grokproject. It should ask you then indeed for a shared eggs
> directory. Mind though, that I suspect you will need to download quite
> some different versions of eggs again... I'm sorry for that.

This time I'm back on broadband with new gorkproject version 0.6 and  
nominated egg repository. So it only took a quarter of an hour.

> I hope this helps and that you're still inclined to give Grok a try..!

Well it did help. I now have grok up and running.
Thanks so much for your careful reply to my questions.
I have a project which runs in zope3 but as it is part of a tutorial  
directed at teachers in high school I am following a suggestion from  
Philipp von Weitershausen that I try it in grok. Maybe it would be  
more accessible  for that audience. So now I can go ahead and work on  
a grok version.
By the way is there a grok-users list? I don't really belong to a  
Thanks and best wishes.

> kind regards,
> jw

George Wright

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