[Grok-dev] Re: goals related to my PyCon Grok talk

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Wed Dec 19 05:27:21 EST 2007


A bit late and before I forget, I'm really happy to hear you are going 
to give a talk on Grok at PyCon. I liked the slides I saw of your 
previous Grok presentation!

Anyway, my plan for 2008 is to seriously start promoting Grok as a 
viable contender in the Python web frameworks world, and beyond. I think
Grok has a lot to offer, mostly thanks to Zope 3 being on top of it.

 > As a result of the talk's acceptance, I have the following goals that
 > I'd like to tackle, hopefully over the rest of this month and January:
 >  - I want people to be able to use Grok-the-component-registrar
 >    without the side effect of slowly importing dozens of Zope web
 >    modules.  This means, if I understand what PvW has been saying,
 >    that we need to move forward with moving the component-registration
 >    pieces of Grok out into a separate module, "grokcore", from which
 >    they can be imported with minimal dependencies (maybe just
 >    zope.interface and zope.component?).  Philip, let me know if I've
 >    understood this correctly, and if I have, then let me know anything
 >    I can do to help "grokcore" along!

Actually grokcore is the namespace package that will contain the 
reusable parts of grok, such as grokcore.component (the first target).

Philipp, do you have a progress report on this? I think all the major 
prerequisites for making this work have been done now (martian, 

 >  - I want Grok and Zope to start much more quickly; a several-second
 >    startup time really hampers, say, a command-line tool in which you
 >    just happen to want to use an adapter (as I myself am finding with
 >    a command-line tool I wrote last week).  Getting more speed may be
 >    impossible, but I'll be profiling just in case to see if anything
 >    can be done to improve things.  (I might look at the recent work in
 >    speeding up the Plone 3 startup code, to see if any of the issues
 >    are similar.)

I'd love to see this too. Note that the Repoze people recently blogged 
about working on speeding up startup a lot too.

At the Grok sprint in Cologne we had Lennart do a bit of work 
investigating selectively turning off ZCML loading to speed up startup 
time. Unfortunately that didn't seem to have much of an effect.



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