[Grok-dev] guidance for incorporating XSLT as alternative templating mechanism?

cstrong at arielpartners.com cstrong at arielpartners.com
Wed Dec 19 13:12:24 EST 2007

I would love to get a few pointers on how to go about adding XSLT as an
alternative templating mechanism.

My plan is to always emit and consume XML via the Amara library.

Sometimes the XML will be sent to the browser which will use
XSLT/javascript/xpath to operate on it.

Other times the XML will be transformed via XSLT on the server side.

I am aware I am sacrificing efficiency for the sake of portability and

I like the idea of adding xslt templates alongside zpt and genshi using
another file extension (e.g. ".xsl")

Perhaps the XSLT template mechanism knows it needs XML so it requests a
suitable adapter?

thanks in advance!


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