[Grok-dev] Wanted: Grok developer to write survey application

Derek Richardson derek.richardson at gatech.edu
Thu Dec 20 09:20:40 EST 2007

We are looking for a contract developer / consultant to create a survey
application (think http://www.surveymonkey.com/ ) in Grok.

We want to develop our own software for two reasons. One, most survey
software is run as a service and we want to keep our own data on our own
secure servers. Security is very important to us. Two, we have Zope3 and
Grok expertise in-house, but don't have the spare cycles to do the
original development. So, if you can build the survey software, we can
evolve it. Open-sourcing it may also be a possibility.

We are looking for an experienced developer with a track record of
delivering solutions to spec and schedule, written in beautiful code.
Some of that experience must be in Grok/Zope3 - this is not a project on
which to learn Grok, this is a project where you will use
previously-acquired Grok skills.

In terms of development process, we are flexible between agile and more
traditional - tell us how you work best and we will work with you to
enable your best work.

If you are interested, please email me at:

account: derek dot richardson
host: oit dot gatech dot edu

Simply inquiring is appreciated, but including a resume will help,
assuming we don't already know you. References help in that department, too.

As for us, I have been asked to look for a developer by our CTO and
there is money available. So, if you're interested and able, please
contact me soon.


Derek Richardson
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA, USA

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