[Grok-dev] Re: Grok website status?

Armin C. Stroß-Radschinski developer at acsr.de
Thu Dec 20 17:32:41 EST 2007

Am 20.12.2007 um 08:02 schrieb Martijn Faassen:

Hey all.
sorry for being quiet for a long lime.
> Hey,
> Kevin Teague wrote:
>>> So, what's the status on the Grok website? What's blocking it? :)
>> Laziness :(
> I suffer from this wonderful affliction quite regularly myself. :)
>> The ReST issues are a bit thorny, I started to look at it a while  
>> back, but it was non-trivial to fix (I've never actually used  
>> ReST ... I know, I know, it's a Python standard ... ) and then I  
>> got distracted with other things. However, I've just begun my  
>> holiday vacation, so my goal over the next 12 days is to spend  
>> some time on the grok site and hopefully resolve the outstanding  
>> issues and relaunch it so that people can start adding tutorials  
>> and other new grok content.
> We don't have to use ReST for all pages. Considering the main  
> tutorial, I'm fine if we just get it on there by using the  
> commandline ReST tools and copy & paste it in there. The main  
> tutorial was the only bit that had real problems, as it includes a  
> lot of code samples and so on, so it's hard to convert it to the site.
> Anyway, thanks for putting vacation time into this!

> Regards,
> Martijn

It makes me sad that it was not possible to finish the Grok website  
stuff since the Neanderthal Sprint. But you are in good company (see  
Zope.org redux).

I quote the founder of IBM:
"It is better to aim at perfection and miss
than aim at imperfection and hit!"

My time was limited after the Sprint and the Naples Plone conf  
because my main focus is not programming.
I love Grok and the concepts behind.

There were some decisions focusing the wrong aims when setting up the  
To much design focused.(in Discussion)
To much relaunch focused. It was not necessary to have it on the  
Quinta server.
This was resulting in poor design and no relaunch.

With a tool like Plone i suggest the following workflow for future  
attempts i use to manage some new projects.

Cloning the old content into a plain Plone 1:1
Try to reach same look - same content as the forerunner (static if it  
is the only solution).
Keep track of the state!

Then you can change the structure of a copy of the content with  
simple copy / paste or move etc. (new types or Products etc.)

Keeping a still running site....Make it flexible!

Change the Skin parallel as an installable product.
Change Features with migration when it they are ready.
Invest in cool features for lazyness! (You ARE programmers and CAN DO  
IT) I hope ;-)

Relaunch the official "Look Change" when the skin AND the content AND  
time is ready!


Unfortunately the new Plone 3 changes a lot with a decrease of  
productivity of "old-style" and "half-time" developers like me. But  
change is worth the value!

Be cool!
Budhistic word says:
"We have to be slow because we have low time!"

Have fun with Grok!

Kind regards

Armin Stroß-Radschinski

Martijn: If you are looking for a christmas gift for felicia: Take a  
look at a Wacom cintiq 12" LCD Screen tablet. I got one and love it!

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