[Grok-dev] [website] Let's do content!

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Sun Dec 30 21:13:53 EST 2007

I've updated the hopefully-soon-to-be-production instance of the Grok  
plone site so that code-block and sidebar ReST directives now render.  
I've also brought the help center up to the latest 1.5beta5 release.  
I've not yet addressed the include directives used by the Grok  
Tutorial though.

I think that the new site is now ready for content updates (yay!).  
I've already begun doing some edits/additions in the form of bringing  
news items from the old site to the new site (they still have broken  
links though ... I'll fix those). We have three Documentation items to  
bring over still, "REST with Grok", "Pluggable Template Languages" and  
the "Buildout Tutorial" - I'll do these unless and of the respective  
authors wishes to.

Right now it's not possible to join the Plone site since the outgoing  
mailhost is not configured. I'll have to ask Quintagroup about this  
setting. In the interm, if you want an account for the site the  
process is:

  * Email me with your desired username. I'll create an account and  
set your password to 'grok' and then you can login and set your own  
password and personal details at:



Currently I'm just granting all accounts the Administrator role, which  
means you can do anything to the site - we can get proper  
registrations and less global permissions configured later.

What should you update?

  * Review any docs that you authored. In particular, on the  
"metadata" tab in the "Creators" field change this from 'admin' to  
your username. Also edit out and ReST-specific bits in the Description  
fields since those can only be rendered as plain-text.

* Add new content! If you've got How-To you want to write, you should  
feel free to add a new one to the site. I'll try and be careful with  
the number of Zope restarts that I perform from now on. (also note  
that since people have Admin accounts you can get to the root of the  
Plone site at http://plone.grok.quintagroup.com/site-admin/plone/ 
manage and do an export of all the content which lives in the  
'public_website (Grok)' Folder - this is what I'm doing to create a  
local copy of the site for development)

  * Our "Develop", "Contribute" and "Download" sections are currently  
empty. If people have ideas of what they want to see in there they can  
add appropriate content.

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