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Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Mon Dec 31 07:10:30 EST 2007

Some humble input :)

The logo for the banner was updated a while back, you can download it  




Also, I wonder if you could add a width to the content of the front  
page. The lines run too long, the original design was set to "width:  

I also suggest removing the titles from the side bar:

  "get grok"
  "grok news"

and switch so the download/release box comes above the news.

and Happy New Year :)

Mvh Sebastian

31 dec 2007 kl. 03.13 skrev Kevin Teague:

> I've updated the hopefully-soon-to-be-production instance of the  
> Grok plone site so that code-block and sidebar ReST directives now  
> render. I've also brought the help center up to the latest 1.5beta5  
> release. I've not yet addressed the include directives used by the  
> Grok Tutorial though.
> I think that the new site is now ready for content updates (yay!).  
> I've already begun doing some edits/additions in the form of  
> bringing news items from the old site to the new site (they still  
> have broken links though ... I'll fix those). We have three  
> Documentation items to bring over still, "REST with Grok",  
> "Pluggable Template Languages" and the "Buildout Tutorial" - I'll do  
> these unless and of the respective authors wishes to.
> Right now it's not possible to join the Plone site since the  
> outgoing mailhost is not configured. I'll have to ask Quintagroup  
> about this setting. In the interm, if you want an account for the  
> site the process is:
> * Email me with your desired username. I'll create an account and  
> set your password to 'grok' and then you can login and set your own  
> password and personal details at:
>    http://plone.grok.quintagroup.com/personalize_form
>    http://plone.grok.quintagroup.com/password_form
> Currently I'm just granting all accounts the Administrator role,  
> which means you can do anything to the site - we can get proper  
> registrations and less global permissions configured later.
> What should you update?
> * Review any docs that you authored. In particular, on the  
> "metadata" tab in the "Creators" field change this from 'admin' to  
> your username. Also edit out and ReST-specific bits in the  
> Description fields since those can only be rendered as plain-text.
> * Add new content! If you've got How-To you want to write, you  
> should feel free to add a new one to the site. I'll try and be  
> careful with the number of Zope restarts that I perform from now on.  
> (also note that since people have Admin accounts you can get to the  
> root of the Plone site at http://plone.grok.quintagroup.com/site-admin/plone/manage 
>  and do an export of all the content which lives in the  
> 'public_website (Grok)' Folder - this is what I'm doing to create a  
> local copy of the site for development)
> * Our "Develop", "Contribute" and "Download" sections are currently  
> empty. If people have ideas of what they want to see in there they  
> can add appropriate content.
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