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Wichert Akkerman wichert at wiggy.net
Mon Dec 31 08:43:35 EST 2007

Previously Kevin Teague wrote:
> I've been poking around the Plone Control Panel and noticed the new  
> Markup settings panel, which allows us to turn on restructured text as  
> a format - this makes the Restructured Text available as a format in  
> the Description fields for Help Center content (and How-Tos can now be  
> marked up in ReST). Except it doesn't seem to "take" for the  
> Description fields (nor the ReST in the Error References section) - I  
> wonder if this is easy to solve, if so then we can preserve the ReST  
> formatting in the Description field - I'll dig deeper into this  
> problem tomorrow.

It's not supposed to 'take' for description fields: the description is
meant as a markup-free description of an object that can be shown
everywhere. It is used in title attributes for tags, in search results,
it can be chopped at different lengths, etc. In other words: it is a
simple text field, not a rich text field which does support markup


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