[Grok-dev] [website] Let's do content!

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Mon Dec 31 09:34:17 EST 2007

> It's not supposed to 'take' for description fields: the description is
> meant as a markup-free description of an object that can be shown
> everywhere. It is used in title attributes for tags, in search  
> results,
> it can be chopped at different lengths, etc. In other words: it is a
> simple text field, not a rich text field which does support markup
> languages.

Oh yeah -  that makes sense.

Site editors, please continue converting ReST descriptions into plain- 
text :)

reStrucutred Text is showing up with a "Format" option for  
Descriptions now in the PHC Tutorial pages, that looks like it's just  
a bug in that it's suppling it's own description field instead of  
modifying the one from the extensiblemetadata schema supplied by  
Archetypes and it doesn't set "allowable_content_types = ('text/ 
plain',),". I'll submit that to the PHC issue tracker.

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