[Grok-dev] GROK - same trouble solved

eugenio handjaras at tiscali.it
Wed Dec 26 03:35:11 EST 2007

Thank for your kindness.
I solved problems about grok complilation under ubuntu, and I suggest to
inform other newbie users.
Manual says that is necessary to install gcc compiler, and I check it
from Synaptic.
When grokproject Sample starts it shows many, many errors. So many that
in terminal are not present the first lines, where is written that gcc
needs headers.
To resolve the problem is sufficient to check and install libc6-dev in
May I suggest you to prepare a .deb binary distribution for synaptic?
Tutorial says than server start at zopectl command. It is not true: you
must run start command under zopectl.
Now I start to enjoy with grok!

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