[Grok-dev] megrok.five: grok on Zope 2

Philipp von Weitershausen philipp at weitershausen.de
Wed Feb 7 22:37:18 EST 2007

Hi there,

I played around tonight a bit with grok on Zope 2. The result is checked 
into svn.zope.org, called megrok.five. That is actually a (Zope 2) 
buildout, so anybody familiar with a regular grok checkout should be 
able to get started immediately (call bootstrap/bootstrap.py, then 
bin/buildout and then get a coffee, start the instance with bin/instance 

So, what works?

* adapters, utilities, etc. should work out of the box since they're no 
different in Zope 2 (I haven't tested them explicitly because they're 
boring :)).

* views. I've provided a custom view grokker that mixes 
Acquisition.Explicit into the view classes, just like Five does. Well, 
to be honest, I find megrok.five a bit more elegant than that ZCML mess 
Five is doing :).

* The most surprising thing to me was that Page Templates, with the Zope 
3 Page Template engine (!), worked w/o any special code. Also, formlib 
works. That's pretty amazing.

So I ported my simple todo application that I've written for the Snow 
sprint tutorial to Zope 2. The only thing I had to change were a few 
Zope 2 specific idioms, like containers vs. object managers, the need 
for ids, etc. The only thing that doesn't work reliably yet is URL 
computation, but I think we can solve that as well.

Boy, I'm exicited. And tired :).

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