[Grok-dev] Re: Working towards a 0.9 release

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Mon Feb 26 06:16:05 EST 2007

I'd really like to see a grok.zope.org - a nice short URL with even a  
single page of introduction text and links to assorted Grok bits  
around the web would go a long ways towards creating more interest in  
the project I think. To that effect, I'm willing to volunteer to help  
with this - I've started work on a single static page here:


I really like the cave man theme, it would be cool to add things like  
a navigation bar that looks like it is chiseled out of stone and cave  
drawings sketches down the sides.

A couple considerations:

  * Grok logo? A chiseled in stone logo might be neat - it might be  
quite hard to get right though. I've used a typeface called Artiste  
for sample page, It's kind of growing on me.

  * Grok slogan/tagline? I thought about putting the tagline  
"Prehistoric web development", although that doesn't really say  
anything, perhaps something like "Zope 3 web development simplified"?

Moving beyond the single page, what do people think about using a  
Plone site for the Grok content? I could set-up a Plone with a custom  
from-scratch Grok skin, and then we could have a standard Plone skin  
for doing the content editing. This would make it a lot easier for  
community participation in the documentation and content side, and we  
wouldn't require svn accounts and a static build process to update  
the content. In addition, we could then encourage discussion about  
the content on the Plone-skin side, but leave those documents in  
public draft, and not display them from the Grok-skin side.

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