[Grok-dev] Re: Working towards a 0.9 release

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Tue Feb 27 12:38:45 EST 2007


Kevin Teague wrote:
> I'd really like to see a grok.zope.org - a nice short URL with even a 
> single page of introduction text and links to assorted Grok bits around 
> the web would go a long ways towards creating more interest in the 
> project I think. To that effect, I'm willing to volunteer to help with 
> this - I've started work on a single static page here:
> http://www.bud.ca/files/grokonepage/

Wow, thanks, this is a great start!

Note small typo where 'for Grok' reads 'gor Grok'. You might want to 
include some links to various web log entries about the Grok sprints 




> I really like the cave man theme, it would be cool to add things like a 
> navigation bar that looks like it is chiseled out of stone and cave 
> drawings sketches down the sides.

Could you come up with a few detailed requirements for images? I will 
ask my wife (who drew the original Grok theme) to draw them.

> Moving beyond the single page, what do people think about using a Plone 
> site for the Grok content?

If people are willing to maintain it, by all means! With Philipp I don't 
think it should be a goal for 0.9 yet, and perhaps not even for 1.0, but 
I'm not going to stop you from setting one up sooner. :)



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