[Grok-dev] template syntax

Gary Poster gary at zope.com
Wed Jan 10 11:06:05 EST 2007

Hi y'all.

While I'm not sure I'd use grok because it doesn't appear to be  
designed for the kind of work I do (over the long haul, I prefer  
configuration over convention, for instance), I certainly acknowledge  
that you guys are trying to address a group of developers and  
developer use cases that are disenfranchised in the Zope 3 world.   
So, go you.

So, that said, I intend this to be a very small possibly interesting,  
or maybe even helpful, piece of feedback.

The whole template folder thing sits particularly badly with me, even  
trying to put on the hat of a developer whom you are targeting.  grok  
is reveling in automation, which as we well know from Zope 2 can  
become "magic" when it obscures.  The automatically-found *_template  
folder seems too disconnected and magic for me to understand as I  
read the code in your example modules.  A simple explicit connection  
would make me understand what's going on when looking at a grok  
module better, I think; it would also avoid the unfortunate naming  
issue in the blog package ("page_template", if I recall) because the  
name could be chosen explicitly.

Best wishes,


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