[Grok-dev] Re: grok.View: Self-submitting forms, redirect, and before()

Philipp von Weitershausen philipp at weitershausen.de
Wed Jan 10 14:05:02 EST 2007

On 10 Jan 2007, at 19:48 , Jegenye 2001 Bt (Miklós Prisznyák) wrote:
> 2007/1/10, Philipp von Weitershausen <philipp at weitershausen.de>:
>> Perhaps, though update() is a common idiom frequently used in Zope 3
>> (e.g. zope.formlib, zope.contentprovider).
> True, but I thought Grok tries to cater for the not quite Zop3ista  
> people.
> It's not evident in zope.formlib either (before reading the docs) if
> "update" occurs before "render" or the other way around.

True, though if "update" is the 'U' in 'CRUD', then it's clear it  
happens first. We have a debt in documentation to fullfil either way  
(apparently, before() wasn't clear to a bunch of people either).

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