[Grok-dev] Re: gocept.zope3instance

Philipp von Weitershausen philipp at weitershausen.de
Thu Jan 11 06:05:06 EST 2007

Christian Theune wrote:
> I've made a release of gocept.zope3instance today. I suggest we start
> using that for our Zope instances.

Yes, it's very nice. I just tried it in my grok checkout (diff 
attached). I especially like the ability to simply say "bin/instance fg" 
to start the Zope 3 instance.

> I'm open for discussions about having more "default" profiles available
> from the recipe, to allow smaller or larger chunks of zcml be loaded by
> default.

I have two bug reports to make:

1.) The advertised "user = user:passwd" doesn't work. Instead, it wants 
"admin-user = user" and "admin-password = passwd". This isn't so much of 
a bug as a documentation issue. Btw, it doesn't look like it supports 
password managers for encrypted passwords. I wonder if 
zc.recipe.zope3instance does...

2.) When the recipe fails, e.g. due to a missing configuration option in 
buildout, it exits gracefully with a nice error message (I assume the 
error message comes from zc.buildout). When you fix the problem in your 
buildout.cfg and want to run the buildout again, gocept.zope3recipe 
complains that it can't create the instance directory again. The problem 
is this line:

         # XXX In theory we could just delete the parts directory here, 
if it
         # exists already. Or not?

When those problems are fixed, I'll be happy to commit my change.

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Index: buildout.cfg
--- buildout.cfg	(revision 71844)
+++ buildout.cfg	(working copy)
@@ -13,9 +13,11 @@
 recipe = zc.recipe.filestorage
-recipe = zc.recipe.zope3instance
+recipe = gocept.zope3instance
 database = testdata
-user = grok:grok
+admin-user = grok
+admin-password = grok
+address = 8080
 eggs = setuptools
 zcml = zope.annotation
@@ -40,9 +42,11 @@
-recipe = zc.recipe.zope3instance
+recipe = gocept.zope3instance
 database = data
-user = grok:grok
+admin-user = grok
+admin-password = grok
+address = 8080
 eggs = setuptools

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