[Grok-dev] Re: gocept.zope3instance

Philipp von Weitershausen philipp at weitershausen.de
Thu Jan 11 06:22:07 EST 2007

On 11 Jan 2007, at 12:10 , Christian Theune wrote:
>> I have two bug reports to make:
>> 1.) The advertised "user = user:passwd" doesn't work. Instead, it  
>> wants
>> "admin-user = user" and "admin-password = passwd". This isn't so  
>> much of
>> a bug as a documentation issue. Btw, it doesn't look like it supports
>> password managers for encrypted passwords. I wonder if
>> zc.recipe.zope3instance does...
> Thanks. Updated in SVN.

Thanks. You might also want to "python setup.py register" again to  
update the Cheeseshop page.

>> 2.) When the recipe fails, e.g. due to a missing configuration  
>> option in
>> buildout, it exits gracefully with a nice error message (I assume the
>> error message comes from zc.buildout). When you fix the problem in  
>> your
>> buildout.cfg and want to run the buildout again, gocept.zope3recipe
>> complains that it can't create the instance directory again. The  
>> problem
>> is this line:
>>          # XXX In theory we could just delete the parts directory  
>> here,
>> if it
>>          # exists already. Or not?
>>          os.mkdir(dest)
> This is not so clear unfortunately, at least to me. I've gotta ask Jim
> about what this means in buildout terminology ...

Hmmm, I guess. zc.recipe.zope3recipe at least deletes the whole  
instance and recreates it every time you call bin/buildout. That's  
not really an option, of course, when you're using buildout to update  
a production environment, or you need to keep your Data.fs around  
even for development.

I certainly wouldn't want bin/buildout to delete Data.fs in a  
grokproject-created buildout.

>>  [testinstance]
>> -recipe = zc.recipe.zope3instance
>> +recipe = gocept.zope3instance
>>  database = testdata
>> -user = grok:grok
>> +admin-user = grok
>> +admin-password = grok
>> +address = 8080
>>  eggs = setuptools
>>         grok
>>  zcml = zope.annotation
>> @@ -40,9 +42,11 @@
>>         grok-meta
> Please notice, that the zcml option does not exist anymore.

Huh? The Cheeseshop page says something else.

> We have created an approach where you can created a derived version  
> of the ZCML
> and add your pieces there.


> The exact structuring needs more discussion
> though. Eventually we want to provide multiple profiles of  
> skeletons in
> the recipe.

Aha. Use case?

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