[Grok-dev] I know it sucks, but here goes.... grok.zope.org :)

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Wed Jun 6 10:55:30 EDT 2007

Firefox, Safari... (preferably using my Powerbook ;) )

Keeping it simple, clean:


Say hi to the family:


Some comments:

I have really tried to listen to all the feedback and I hope  
everybody can feel they have been part of the process.

I have addressed the contrast issue, if anybody still has concerns  
regarding this, it /might/ be a case of personal preference. :)

I have though about a million things such as: extended use of the  
banner, personalisation, seasonal variations, extensibility,  
AJAXification, blurbs, sponsorship etc... I don't want to crowd the  
design with features up front. Those things should carefully evolve  
as the community evolves. Nonetheless, I think you will appreciate  
that there is plenty of space available that could be used in the  
future (with great caution... :) ).

There are no bread crumbs, there is no explicit "home-button" except  
the logo. This was an intentional design decision.

Per has created three more Groks. This really makes me feel that the  
"new" grok style is something to be excited about! We could create  
lots of these groks, even personal ones and mix and match the faces  
with bodies to create a really living grok world without it being too  
much of an effort. This could make the GROK community really fun and  
personal but still retaining a distinguishable style. These groks are  
scalable from stamp size to banners the size of a building. The style  
is easy to emulate for a reasonable illustrator/freehand artist. :)

One last thing, most of the design elements will be adaptable to  
presentations, printed material etc. I will be happy to create some  

Now the big question is... can you live with it... ;)

Mvh Sebastian

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