Fwd: [Grok-dev] Re: GSoC: progress report

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Wed Jun 13 06:31:00 EDT 2007

[oops, forgot to send a copy to the list]

> This "grokexamples" directory would be inside the main grok diretory
> in the SVN or beside it (like Grokstar)?

Beside it, like Grokstar.

> > Since you're calling it kirbi, I think 'kirbi' would be a good name. :)
> OK! Same question as above: where to put kirbi in the hierarchy? In
> the root besides Grokstar and grok or inside some dir?

In the root. Since the root is filling up with endless amounts of
packages anyway due to the eggification, I doubt anyone will complain.



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