[Grok-dev] Re: GSoC: progress report

Luciano Ramalho luciano at ramalho.org
Wed Jun 13 07:22:06 EDT 2007

Thank you for the link!

I'd prefer if "Paleosoft.org" was the linked name, Darryl. If you
don't mind I can do the change myself.

BTW, Paleosoft.org is hosted in small VPS in Linode.com, and I still
have plenty of space left so if anyone would like to host other sample
Grok apps there, just let me know.

Also, I made the few minor tweaks needed to update Philipp's TodoList
example (from the screencast) to the current Grok API.

May I put it in the grokexamples dir in svn.zope.org, Philipp?



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