[Grok-dev] Re: Global utilities registered too early?

Luciano Ramalho luciano at ramalho.org
Wed Jun 20 10:31:33 EDT 2007

On 6/19/07, Martijn Faassen <faassen at startifact.com> wrote:
> This suggests the following steps:
> * look at our grokkers and compare them with ZCML directive implementations.
> * refactor our grokkers so that they generate one or more actions, like
> the ZCML directive does.
> * potentially we can reuse the handler implementation of ZCML. If this
> is not desirable or doable, instead we create our own handler functions.
> This is a fairly straightforward refactoring step.
> * we also generate the appropriate discriminators, again based by
> examining the ZCML directive implementation.
> All this is work, though fairly straightforward. Someone who doesn't
> want to do the implementation yet could help in doing some of the
> analysis - determining which ZCML directives and grokkers are
> equivalent, and what the actions and discriminators look like. We can
> also spread the work of converting directives among various people.
> Any volunteers?

I volunteer to help with this, but I am not sure I am ready to do Grok
work at this level yet, but I will be eventually.

I believe it's very important that this relationship between the
grokkers and the ZCML directives they replace is explicit in the Grok
documentation, for three reasons:
- to make it easier for Zope 3 hackers to understand what Grok is doing
- to serve as a stepping stone for Grok users to graduate into deeper
Zope 3 development
- to help everyone do work which integrates lower-level Zope 3
programming with Grok.

Now that Martian is integrated, how does that affect the plan you
outlined in your message?



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